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COE will collaborate with employers and participating TRIO programs to provide a series of pre-internship preparation sessions to selected TRIO students. These virtual sessions, offered in three-hours blocks on Saturdays in March and April, will prepare students for the soft-skills they need to succeed in their virtual internships. Soft skills development webinars will vary depending on students’ needs and workplace culture; however, topics covered will address how students should conduct themselves during virtual internships. Topics might include people skills/teamwork, communication skills (verbal, written, and nonverbal), listening skills, problem-solving skills, organizational skills, time management, empathy, taking initiative, virtual workplace etiquette, and being flexible. COE will collaborate with participating employers to prepare and deliver webinars.
Council for Opportunity in Education /Comcast Virtual Internship Program Overview. Dedicated to furthering the expansion of collegeopportunitiesforlow‐income,first‐generation students,andstudentswithdisabilities.
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